The Why

The world does not need another business blog. If you are reading this, you know I speak the truth. There are business blogs for everything. Some of them are even helpful.

With so much information, here is the magic question: why do so many would-be entrepreneurs fail? Think about that for a second. You can read expert advice anywhere. Help on any topic you can imagine from self help to marketing is at your fingertips.

And yet, there is no evidence that a person starting a business today has a better chance of success than someone starting a business before Google existed.

Recently, I have enjoyed asking my successful friends what is missing from the equation. I am not saying there is not a lot of value on the internet that can help a business owner. I use Google every day exactly for that reason. All my business friends do too. But could I send a friend to the internet and expect them to get what they need to be successful? No way.

If I had to say in two words what is missing, it would be these two words: the how.

Let me give you an idea of what I mean by that with this example. There are lots of people selling courses and other products to help you be successful. I think those people are good people, and I think their products have their place. A person that does not have the right mindset is not yet to first base. However, I know plenty of people who have taken those $3000 courses and then wonder what is next. They feel great about themselves but they still don’t know how to do business.

Here is another example: there are lots of sites that give you very technical information about business ideas such as advertising. There is a lot of value in those sites as well. However, technical information is not enough to see success in business. You can get lost in the weeds analyzing numbers and completely miss the bigger picture stuff that will make you successful. You will still not know how to do business.

HowCentric is about the how. It is for people that already have the motivation and foundation for success but just don’t know how to get started. It will teach you how to pick products/services to sell, how to set up websites, how to market, how to fulfill orders, how to do accounting, how to give outstanding customer service and a million other things you need to know how to do.

Why HowCentric? Because of the how. Unlike any other website I know, I am going to teach you the how of business from my perspective of 20 years in the trenches selling tens of millions of dollars online. I am going to put in writing all of the advice I gave/ continue to give to the people that I have successfully mentored.  This is the website that I would have referred them to if it had existed when I first began mentoring.