The Difference

The biggest difference between this website and almost every other website is the how. HowCentric is not about making you feel better and building your self esteem (though those are noble things to write about). It is not a geek site for programmers or accountants. It is not about discussing the latest moves of Apple or any other company whether good or bad.

My goal here is simple: to tell you how to build a successful business.

That is not the only difference, however. Let me give you two other differences.

I live what I write about.
Most business blogs are run by business consultants. Some of them started a business and at some point saw a little success. I am always surprised by how many people write about entrepreneurship who have never actually started a successful company.

My career as a serial entrepreneur started in 1998. I have had more bad ideas than you can imagine in almost 20 years and some good ones too. I have started both successful and unsuccessful companies. I have bought and sold companies. Even right now, I have a multi-million dollar business operating in my basement and it is largely managed by my teenage children.

You don’t have to worry whether what you read here is biased.
I would never condemn anyone for trying to earn a living online. I have personally sold informational products online for years (in the music world) and selling information is very profitable. I admire people that do it well.

However, on this site you can safely assume that what you read is not written with the intent of steering you toward something I sell. If I recommend someone else’s product, I am not making money if you buy it. At some point, I may start selling something here, but at the moment, that is the way I roll here.

I am not saying that everything I say is right but at least it will not be written with the intent to steer you in a particular direction so I can make a buck off of you.