The Most Important System We Have

At present, one of my companies processes about $2.5 million dollars in sales a year. That equates to around 3,500 orders a month that are filled from around 1,000 products that we stock. You cannot imagine how complex it is to accurately manage an inventory of 1,000 different products, keeping enough of each on the […]

The Hardest Decisions You Will Make

I played golf with another entrepreneur the other day and we started talking about important business decisions. We agreed that the hardest decision you will have to make on a regular basis is this: Is it time to give up on <INSERT BUSINESS STRATEGY/IDEA>? Our culture teaches us that good things come to those who […]

Is Selling on Amazon Viable? (Part 1)

There are many Amazon-only businesses out there and some are probably quite profitable. When I say Amazon-only, I am referring to a business that essentially uses as their own website and probably uses Amazon for customer service and fulfillment too. If you did not know that you can do that, rest assured that you […]