About Me

I have meandered through a lot of things in the past twenty years after leaving college. My first job after graduation was actually as a lawn engineer (i.e. grass mower) but fortunately that did not last too long. I ended up at Electronic Data Systems (EDS, founded by Ross Perot) working as a business analyst and later on as a software engineer. Five years, a lot of software development, and three companies later; I was burned out and ready to try something else.

Fortunately, I had started an internet business during that time in the spare room of the 800 sq. ft. house we rented in Rhode Island and I was about to discover my true passion: starting businesses. If you look to the right, you can see my first business. It was one tiny desk in one tiny bedroom in that tiny house. I had one computer and while you see two bottles of product on the top shelf, we actually drop shipped almost all the product. I can remember those days very well.

Since then, I have started more companies that I can remember. Some have failed miserably, but some went on to become multi-million dollar businesses. In fact, at this very moment, my family operates a multi-million dollar internet retail business out of our basement (my teenage children do most of the work).

During that time, one of my businesses was a successful career as a concert pianist and recording artist. I traveled extensively and recorded ten albums while enjoying a six figure income in an enormously competitive and rather small niche. In fact, it would be easy to say that my biggest business success has been my music career. It has not been the most financially rewarding but it has been rewarding in numerous other ways.

I am not going to say that entrepreneurship is easy or even that everyone should do it. I could talk about some dark days: days back in the recession where strings of failures put ever increasing pressure on our marriage. I could talk about crushing debt and bad decisions and employee trouble. However, I love being an entrepreneur.

You might be interested in another picture of my business. This is a more recent business (that I since sold) that sold nutritional supplements online. I built this warehouse for the business and still own it. It is just a few minutes from my house.

Throughout the years, I have mentored many budding entrepreneurs. Today I can think of several of them that learned to earn a great living in various internet businesses. I love that. I love teaching and I love to see others enjoy success. That is what this blog is about. I am arming with you with tools that you can use to find success, too– especially in the world of internet marketing.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia, with my wife Marla and four children. We all work together (I also actively mentor my children) and play together. Sometimes the line gets a little blurred but that is OK. If you love what you do, you never really feel like you are working anyway. Truthfully, I don’t feel like I have really worked in a decade.